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FEPIC produced an e-learning training tool to increase competences on creativity for innovation and leadership along with a gender perspective.

FEPIC's goal is to highlight the need for greater participation of women in lead and executive positions, and to help create these opportunities. The project aims at leveraging the forces of pushing innovation in companies from female engineers with a view to:

stimulating an exchange of experiences within strategies and models relating to leadership and creativity;  
empowering students, with special regards towards females, with a scientific-engineering background; 
creating a strategic partnership and strengthening the existing relationships among private companies and academia. 

This should have a direct impact on:

students, who will increase their employability and entrepreneurial attitude; 
companies and other organizations, that will be in contact with young women able to fully exploit their scientific background in a creative way and to take on a leadership position; 
universities, who will improve the quality of training, thus matching the needs of companies and society. 

The final purpose is to boost a multidisciplinary approach to lifelong learning programmes and to support more inclusive and equitable careers.