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FEPIC produced an e-learning training tool to increase competences on creativity for innovation and leadership in a gender perspective. 

The content of the modules was developed mainly by Italy (Leadership) and Malta (Creativity) along with the collaboration of all the partners of the project, including universities, companies and associations located in Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom. 

An active role was also be played by 63 female students, spread among 7 countries; they were involved in all the phases of the project: from collating information, to monitoring, distributing, exploiting results. 

The e-learning tool is freely available online and is delivered in the 6 languages of the partners' countries, to support more inclusive and equitable careers.

The project has a direct impact on:

students, who increase their employability and entrepreneurial attitude; 
companies and other organizations, who make contact with young women, allowing them to fully exploit their scientific background in a creative way and to take on a leadership position; 
universities, thus improving the quality of training and matching the needs of companies and society.